Skin Treatments

Facial Skin Treatment

Skin treatment focuses on skin repair and restoration from damaged skin to healthy skin.


This treatment utilizes sound wave to drive vitamins and medicines to facial skins, which will become bright and moisturized. During treatment, it will make you feel warm and relaxed and is suitable for any skins conditions.

Ultimate Light (LED)

Ultimate Light is the high-intensity light wave with specific colors for facial skin treatment. The irradiation can reduce skin redness and inflammation, kill Propionibacterium acnes, and reduce irritation.

Collagen Induce

Collagen Induce is a new technology utilizing collagen to restore and treat facial skin, reduce melisma and black scar. The BAAC technique can perform deep skin cleaning.

Chroma Therapy

Chroma Therapy is the skin restoration treatment, utilizing light wave that can remove darken, rough skin, acne problems, and scar.

Meso No Needle

Meso no Needle is a treatment directly supplying nutrients to skin cells. It can drive medicines and vitamins down much more deeply through electroporation. It can effectively solve the darken scars.

Athron Lift

Athron Lift stimulates collagen continuously, suitable for patients with wrinkles and aging skins. It can restore and strengthen skins.

Cryo / Cold Fresh

Cryo/Cold Fresh is a treatment by chilling. It can reduce inflammation of skin cells, stimulate blood vessel contraction, and tighten hair pores. During treatment, you will feel comfortably chilled.

Oxygen Plus / Jet Peel

Oxygen Plus/Jet Peel stimulates the alternation of skin cells by supplying oxygen and cooled mineral water containing special vitamin formulations through high-pressure water.


RF is the radio frequency technology that creates heat wave to stimulate and arrange collagen and remove fat under the skin. It is the effective skin lifting

Ultra Lipo

Ultra Lipo is a technology for reducing cellulite by using special sound wave that can remove fats under the skin. It can be applied to any areas.