BAAC Services Overview

Patient’s will undergo a full and extensive review and exam that focuses on their Hormone Health by one of Asia’s top American Anti-aging Specialists with over 20 years of experience with hormone management in Men and Women.

BANGKOK ANTI-AGING CENTER is offering a limited time offer FREE evaluation for people who have had a complete Healthcheck at their preferred hospital, but would like an additional evaluation from an experienced Regenerative Medicine/Anti-Aging Specialist. You only need to bring your existing reports for a full evaluation.

This special package is based on giving women and men their OPTIMAL hormonal health in preparation for doing successful IVF, successful pregnancy and having a healthy baby. The Hormonal Specialists at BAAC will diagnose the current hormone stress indicators and recommend supplements and treatments to naturally provide the best hormonal environment for successful implantation of the ovum. Our specialists will work closely with the patient’s IVF doctors to provide a team approach and high success for pregnancy.

This session is for the traveler who wants to “hit the ground running” on their business or holiday trip to Thailand. We have developed an IV formula of high dose B and C vitamins and other supplements that speed up the brain’s normalization to time and place. It will also boost your immunity while you are on holiday. For the full treatment, add the optional spa treatment to follow and get your body to 100% as fast as possible.

Whether you live in Bangkok or are visiting from another city (with its share of pollution and toxins), this package will give your body the assistance it needs to detoxify the Liver, Blood and Kidneys while boosting your immunity. Full of supplements to promote liver cleansing and boost immunity against bacteria or viruses you may have been exposed to along the way.

Stimulate oxygen level in tissues and boost immune in the body Ozone (O3) is a gas with 3 oxygen atoms. It is a reactive oxygen gas for disinfection purposes. Ozone can decompose contaminant molecules. Although ozone is unstable, its decomposition results in the formation of harmless o xygen gas. Therefore, ozone has been used for medical purposes especially for restoration of blood circulation.

Bangkok Anti-Aging Center’s Stem Cell Treatment Program provides several options for rejuvenation, regeneration and repair of damaged cells that cause advanced aging, chronic diseases and breakdown of essential organs necessary for a long and high quality life. After the age of 40, our own body’s Stem Cells begin to lose their effectiveness in regenerating young, viable and strong tissue and organs. Stem Cells are “undifferentiated”. This means that when they reach their target, they can develop into nearly any necessary cell and tissue in the body. For chronic progressive diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and kidney failure, Stem Cells may offer hope of slowing and possibly reversing the disease states.

Sleep disturbances and chronic insomnia are severe global health epidemics. A recent study suggested that 27% of people have a potentially health-damaging sleep disturbance. Long-term studies have associated less than 7 hours of sleep per night with a higher rate of Cancer, Obesity, Depression, Sexual Dysfunction, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

We have developed a protocol that diagnoses and treats sleep disturbances WITHOUT the potential bad effects of PRESCRIPTION SLEEPING PILLS. Isn’t it time to fix your sleeping issues and get back to your full energy and potential?

Options for regeneration with growth factor injection

Promote rapid and effective immunity while stimulating the body to create the most effective protection against viruses.