Cell Therapy

This Program focuses on cell treatment and remedy to strengthen cells and stimulate cell growth in order to replace aging and dead cells. Since cells are foundation of all organs un our body, cell treatment is the key to health treatment such that our health can self-recover and self-repair. This also helps boost the immune systems and reduce aging problems and diseases.

The Cell Therapy consists of 2 objectives.

1. For anti-aging. For those of 30-50 years of age with non-serious congenital diseases, this program focuses on cell treatment to rejuvenate their functions and prevent future diseases.

2. To cure diseases, especially aging cells, diseases from imbalanced systems, such as brain and memory systems, Parkinson, stroke, and osteoarthritis.

What can Cell Therapy do?

Help improve beauty and anti-aging

Help cure diseases

Help improve beauty and anti-aging

Help cure diseases


Health recovery by cell stimulation

Placenta is the cell therapy science used since 1930 and discovered by Professor Filatov, a Russian physician.
In placenta, there are many nutritious amino acids. In addition, the stem cell stimulating activity in the placenta can stimulate stem cells to repair the body. It is found that the placenta peptides can stimulate stem cells to increase by 8 times. Aging cells will be removed and replaced by new cells. This leads to positive benefits to other body functions. From the increasing number of medical research, the use of placenta and its stem cells and other compositions for injection is beneficial to health recovery.

Benefits of placenta

After joining the Placenta Therapy Program for 1-2 weeks, skins will be rejuvenated, blood circulation will be improved, and hormone balancing systems will properly function. The chronic problems from aging cells and organs will be subsequently solved.


I’ve been researching and using NAD Therapy in Thailand, a fascinating therapy that has been discussed and developed over the past 60 years: NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide). NAD+ has been used for many years- just not in a form that could be absorbed into the body effectively at a high enough dose. We used to use the pill form in the early days of treatment for HIV/AIDS to improve immune function and restore energy when there were no effective HIV treatment drugs.

Now, from the research done at Harvard University and in several European laboratories, NAD has been developed into a form that is highly BIO-AVAILABLE (meaning it can be completely absorbed into the body) and can be used effectively for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. My opinion is that this therapy is likely MORE effective than current available Stem Cell therapies. NAD is also a fraction of the cost of Stem Cells so more people can have access to effective anti-aging treatment, not just the wealthy! 

Potential Effects of IV NAD Therapy at Our Bangkok Clinic