Knee No Surgery

It is a treatment by self-healing of marrow cells. In USA, the FDA has already approved the cell self-healing method that it is effective and applicable to everyone without the compatibility examination. The cell recovery technology can helps cure the aging knees, suitable for those whose surgery is impossible and undesired

Knee osteoarthritis can be fixed with no surgery

Knee osteoarthritis happens when knee cartilage is ag- ing, cannot support the weight, and loses knee fluid. During movement of knee, there is high friction which deteriorates knee cartilage resulting in hardened, rough  articular cartilage, noise, and pain. The inflammation of knee cartilage will create more knee fluid causing swelling, tightness, and pain around the knee.

Observable symptoms

Treatment approach

Our team of physicians will arrange the case-by-case treatment to patient by knee cell treatment, cell self-healing, structural improvement, weight reduction, and special management in order to strengthen muscles and tendons

Benefits from interdisciplinary medical treatment