Intravenous Injection IV

Chelation Therapy

Elimination of heavy metals for blood circulation system recovery

Chelation is a method for reducing heavy metals in the body using amino acid called EDTA mixed with vitamins and minerals. EDTA can chelate with heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and excess calcium deposited on blood vessels, which will be then excreted from the body.

Vascular Therapy

Reduction of plaque in blood vessels to prevent atherosclerosis

This Program focuses on treatment and recovery of blood circulation system by flushing water through blood vessels in order to remove plaque and prevent atherosclerosis (natural lipid found in cell membrane)

Brain Booster

Restoration of brain functions

Pure protein extracts in the form of free amino acids and low molecular-weight peptide are biotechnologically pasteurized and allergen-free. These extracts stimulate neuro transmitters such that the nerve growth factors grow and recover naturally.

Immune Booster

This Program is designed for boosting vitamins, minerals, and immune boosting supplements to recover cell functions and its effectiveness. This Program is suitable for allergic, chronic, and recovering patients.

Liver Detox

Live detoxification

This Program focuses on liver detoxification, improving the toxin removal from liver, and stimulate glutathione formation at the safe levels

Healthy Combination

Multivitamin for health

This Program is designed to provide vitamins, minerals, and supplements to recover the body and adjust the health balance and reduce body stress

Aura Booster

Bright, aura skin

This Program focuses on using nutrients necessary for skin cells and boosting immune systems. The nourishing formulations can improve skin strength, flexibility, aura, and anti-aging.

Super-C De-Stress

BAAC Super-C De-Stress​

Super-C is for the patient with low energy, jet-lag, stress and general fatigue. It provides a quick boost of energy especially for those with a busy work week or weekend plans.

Liver Cleansing

BAAC Liver Cleansing​

Liver Cleansing is a specific formula of Liver Detoxifying supplements for a strong and rapid cleansing of the liver. This is especially good for those who may drink too much alcohol or those who take many medications or are exposed to a toxic life-style.

Skin Bright/Skin White

Skin Bright/Skin White uses supplements that provide a boost to healthy collagen production, detoxification and improves skin quality and moisture.

“Myers Cocktail”

BAAC Myers Cocktail

Myers Cocktail is the quick gold-standard for IV that both boosts energy and provides stress relief and detoxification.

The Quick Boost/Weekend Warrior

BAAC The Quick Boost / Weekend Warrior​

The Quick Boost/Weekend Warrior is a vitamin injection that takes only a few minutes to deliver a high dose of essential B vitamins that will boost energy, clarity, alertness and provide a quick detoxification for the liver. This is perfect for the end or the beginning of the week, after a long night out or hangover and for those who want to look and feel their best for a special event.

Placenta Young

Placenta Young is ideal for those looking for effective and intensive skin anti-aging treatment. This will give you the skin glow and moist fresh appearance for an important event, a big day or a special date.

Quick Fit [Weight Loss]

BAAC Weight Loss

If you have been searching for that perfect supplement to your daily exercise regimen, our patented Quick Fit formula is just what you need. This infusion with have you looking and feeling your best quickly.

The Morning After [Hangover]

BAAC Hangover

The choice for exhaustion, hangover or recovery after a long night or weekend. Our benchmark formula is designed to brighten your aura and sharpen your senses so that you can perform and feel 110%.

Instant Jetlag Relief

BAAC Instant Jetlag Relief​

Jetlag after a long flight can severely slow down a holiday or business trip! For the traveler on the go, this quick session is essential.
This session is for the traveler who wants to “hit the ground running” on their business or holiday trip to Thailand. We have developed an IV formula of high dose B and C vitamins and other supplements that speed up the brain’s normalization to time and place. It will also boost your immunity while you are on holiday. For the full treatment add the optional spa treatment to follow and get your body to 100% as fast as possible.

MVP – Sports Star

BAAC MVP – Sports Star​

For the amateur, professional athlete and weekend warrior looking to bring their game to the next level. Good for those who run, box, train, golf, play tennis, do yoga or just try to stay in shape.

Stamina Strong

BAAC Stamina Strong​

For those who want to go longer, stronger and more powerful in every part of their life.