By Dr. Erik Fleischman, Executive Medical Director, Bangkok Anti-Aging Center

Neuroprotection (Protecting Brain Power) and NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)

We humans are living longer and need neuroprotection.

We have developed great advances in staying alive longer, looking better, staying stronger and conquering chronic diseases. We have diets, exercise programs, carbohydrate reduction, mega-vitamin therapy, stem cells, peptide therapies, detox and other regenerative treatments.

If we live longer, we must, however, give attention to preserving our brains and cognitive ability. Otherwise these gains in longer life and younger appearance will not mean much. One of the greatest fears I hear from my patients is their concerns about losing memory and mental sharpness as they reach their 40’s and 50’s and beyond.

We all have parents, friends or relatives who are losing their mental sharpness and brain power. This may be from a chronic disease like Diabetes or Heart Disease or could be from a disease affecting the brain like Stroke or Parkinson’s Disease or Senile/Alzheimer’s Dementia. This can be quite painful to watch our loved ones start to lose their ability to respond and speak and show emotion. I think we’ve all been through this enough to know how helpless and sad it feels.

These are the healthy choices we have to help protect the brain from mental and cognitive decline:

  • Low sugar/low carbohydrate diets
  • Prevention and proper treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
  • Regular exercise
  • Intermittent and regular fasting programs
  • Good control of blood pressure
  • Good control of Cholesterol

In Regenerative Medicine we now have a number of supplements and treatments that also have great potential and scientific basis for neuroprotection and sharpening brain power. These are the treatments I have used with many patients with good success for over 20 years:

  • Safe appropriate Hormone Replacement (men and women)
  • Natural Hormone Boosting (using supplements to improve your own hormone production)
  • Cerebrolysin (an FDA approved treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease that also can be used in people without dementia to prevent brain degeneration)
  • GABA, Arginine and Glycine (these affect natural Growth Hormone levels which can prevent against brain deterioration)
  • NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) Treatment

Who needs Neuroprotection?

Each of us wants to preserve his or her brain power for as long as possible. We’ve all been frustrated from becoming forgetful at times and not feeling as sharp as we wish we did. I can imagine the intense frustration when this happens daily or when simple tasks such as recognizing our loved ones and our past becomes impossible.

Who is at risk?

  • People with chronic diseases like Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
  • People with family relatives who have had Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease
  • People who have smoked cigarettes for many years
  • People who drink alcohol for many years
  • Highly stressed people
  • People who have had trauma to their head and brain
  • People who have had Strokes
  • People with history of Clinical Depression

The best way to prevent mental decline is to prevent it: provide your brain with the support and neuroprotection it needs from an early age with these behaviors:

  1. Get 7 hours of sleep every night: Sleep deprivation leads to a higher rate of dementia.
  2. Exercise: Regular exercise increases the circulation and vasculature of the brain.
  3. Limit your sugar intake: Alzheimer’s Disease is now called Diabetes of the Brain. It is caused by a lifetime of too much sugar intake.
  4. Try Intermittent Fasting (IF): IF increases MITOCHONDRIAL function in the brain cells. This means more energy, more repair of cells and important neurotransmitters continue to regenerate.


This MITOCHONDRIAL function is becoming the key factor not only in keeping strong brain function, but also in nearly every aspect of Anti-Aging and Regeneration.

Very simply, if the cells in your brain and body are being stimulated in the same way as when you were 30 years old, they will also act that way. They will regenerate faster. They will heal faster. They will function with more efficiency. This is why I like the science and effect of NAD.

When we add NAD to the body, the MITOCHONDRIA believe that they are much younger – maybe even 20 years younger. They produce more energy, faster and more focused brain activity as we’d expect in a younger person. The brain can produce important, vital hormones more effectively.

NAD is safe and can be easily given as an outpatient treatment. It is a painless intravenous infusion that takes only 1-2 hours and has no side effects. You can go back to work or on to your regular daily activities afterward. The effects that can be expected to follow are sharper focus, better sleep and deeper concentration and memory. The infusion also speeds up the metabolism and can result in healthy weight loss and increased energy and muscle development (especially with exercise).

If you or a loved one or friend seems to be developing slower brain function, loss of memory or has been affected by Stroke or other brain related diseases, please feel free to contact me for more information to see if NAD is an appropriate treatment.


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