NAD & NAD+ Therapy in Thailand

NAD Therapy: The Most Effective Anti-Aging Treatment Available 


By Dr. Erik Fleischman

I’ve been researching and using NAD Therapy in Thailand, a fascinating therapy that has been discussed and developed over the past 60 years: NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide). NAD+ has been used for many years- just not in a form that could be absorbed into the body effectively at a high enough dose. We used to use the pill form in the early days of treatment for HIV/AIDS to improve immune function and restore energy when there were no effective HIV treatment drugs. 

Now, from the research done at Harvard University and in several European laboratories, NAD has been developed into a form that is highly BIO-AVAILABLE (meaning it can be completely absorbed into the body) and can be used effectively for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. My opinion is that this therapy is likely MORE effective than current available Stem Cell therapies. NAD is also a fraction of the cost of Stem Cells so more people can have access to effective anti-aging treatment, not just the wealthy!

Potential Effects of IV NAD Therapy at Our Bangkok Clinic

Increased Brain Power/Brain Sharpness/Brain Protection
Increased Muscle Development
Metabolism Boosting- Fat Cutting- Weight loss
Treating and Preventing Diabetes Mellitus
Reducing Body Inflammation in Obesity and Chronic Inflammatory Diseases
Results in Hormone Boosting for Aging Men and Women 

Science of NAD Therapy in Thailand and it's Effects on Mitochondria

I haven’t been this impressed by an emerging Regenerative Therapy in the last 15 years.

Before ever recommending a new therapy to a patient I always do as much research as possible and try the therapy myself. A concerned and dedicated doctor would never recommend a therapy in Regenerative Medicine that he would not give to himself or his family. I’ve done both with NAD.

Here is the science. For once it is (fairly) simple and elegant. To understand it you only need to know what MITOCHONDRIA and MITOCHONDRIAL FUNCTION does for the body.

🌩 MITOCHONDRIA are the energy producing centers of every cell in the body. Every bit of energy you have right now (or that you don’t have) is from your MITOCHONDRIA . They produce the number one energy carrying molecule in your body called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP takes the energy and turns it into a cell and organ function: kidney function, liver function, muscle, brain power and so on. If you were a car, this is your fuel.

Some of the cells in the more important organs require more energy to function well. We find many more MITOCHONDRIA in the cells of the following organs. These organs require more energy to function normally:

Nerve Cells 


As we get older (and as our hormone levels drop) MITOCHONDRIA also change like our body does. Their shape and their function changes, worsens and declines.

A very big reason that they age and fail is the lack of healthy NAD+ to feed the MITOCHONDRIA to keep it healthy, strong, functional and normal in appearance. And as we get older we stop producing as much NAD+.

The research from Harvard University professor David Sinclair simply said the following:

“Low levels of NAD are associated with increased risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, muscle loss and accelerated aging. NAD levels naturally decline with age. … One, we start producing less NAD as we get older.”

Very clearly: once we start producing LESS NAD+ we get older. Less healthy MITOCHONDRIA. Less energy. Less new cell growth. More cell death. Older sicker organs and muscles. Lower immune function. More risk for Cancer.

Also, for those patients worried about risks of Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury there is a lot of evidence that NAD has been effective in slowing or improving patient’s conditions.

What exactly is NAD and what is it produced from?

NAD is produced in a process extracting it from Vitamin B3 (Nicotinic Acid). Vitamin B3 is a key tool the body uses to cut fat and promote healthy liver and heart function. NAD is concentrated into a formula that can be given by intravenous infusion. It is safe and well tolerated. 

The IV infusion takes between 1-3 hours depending upon the dose. It is done in the office and patients can go on about their day afterward.

Different doses are used for different conditions: Brain stimulation, increasing metabolism, treating Diabetes, muscle growth, general anti-aging.

What is the effect of NAD Therapy?

NAD has a quiet effect on longevity with slower aging and better renewal of new cells, but there is also very noticeable effects in the first month:

Increased mental sharpness and focus
Enhanced metabolism and weight loss
Improved energy
Improved muscle growth with exercise (for athletes)
Better control of Diabetes and Blood Sugar
Better immune function

Why do I think patients should use NAD before trying Stem Cell Therapy?

I believe the bioavailability of NAD (the IV dose can reach the entire body while a large percentage of Stem Cells get trapped and destroyed in the lungs) and the cost (10-20 times less than Stem Cells) make this one of the best advanced Regenerative treatments currently available. The effects can be felt within a month of treatment and can be ongoing.

Interested in NAD Therapy in Thailand?

If you are interested in NAD treatment in Thailand there are many different protocols and we can plan and prescribe the best one to meet your specific needs and goals. 

If you have further questions please feel free to ask them on our Bangkok Anti-Aging Center Facebook pages or email us at [email protected] or call 02-048-7032. Or go to our Contact Us page for directions on how to find our Bangkok Anti-Aging Offices

  • Dr. Erik Fleischman, Medical Director Bangkok Anti-Aging Center

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