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Face lifting and contouring

Aging skin is normal to everyone. When we gets older, smooth skins deform, become wrinkled, and lose the flexibility. Hair pores are widened. Earth gravity pulls down facial skins forming cheek folds, downward eyebrows and eyes, and out-of-shape neck and chin muscles. Face lifting is the anti-aging technology capable of strengthening skins and shallowing wrinkles with no surgery required

Filling deep wrinkles

Filler can reduce wrinkles, contour facial shape, brighten skins, and stimulate collagen. It solves the deep wrinkles and any desired areas. It can contour facial shape, such as in nose area, chin, cheek groove, forehead, temples, and under-eye area

Anti-aging and facial contouring

Botox is beneficial for face lifting, face shape contouring, and anti-aging for facial skin

Made Collagen
Bright and shiny face

Made Collagen is the natural extract with multivitamins, minerals, enzymes, therapeutic cells, and collagens. Its use through 16 injection sites based on Chinese science is proven as satisfactorily effective

Thread Lift
Collagen stimulation

Thread lift stimulates collagen and face lifting into V-shape. The thread, helps the body to create elastin fiber and collagen underneath the skin. The facial skin becomes bright, white-pink color, and firmed.


Skin treatment and restoration program

The cutting-edge laser technology is suitable for effective skin restoration and specific skin treatment. It is safe and can make positive outcomes and changes.

Laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. The laser technology was invented more than 40 years ago and has been used for skin care for more than 20 years. Nowadays, laser technology is reliable, safe, well developed, and certified. It can be used to treat various skin problems especially those that cannot be treated by other methods.

Q-Switch ND Yag
Bright, speckle-less face

This is a high-energy laser used to effectively treat abnormal color pigments. This laser directly degrades the abnormal color pigments, and therefore, it has been used to treat freckles, dark spots, and dull lips. Type of treatment dependson type of skin problems.

Fine Scan Laser
Fine Scan Laser

This new skin treatment technology is mild to skin. It employs direct energy transfer to skin cells in order to stimulate the skin cell formation down to the collagen layer. It is also effective to treat acne scars, wide hair pores, stretch marks, and epidermal melisma.

Skin smoothening and anti-aging

Bright, speckle-less facial skins can be achieved by laser specialized for skin and acne scar treatment. Permanent facial hair removal is performed by fractional RF, which transmits energy through the skin depth. The formation of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid is stimulated to strengthen skin and increase skin flexibility in order to make you look younger

Permanent hair removal

This laser removes unwanted hair by destroying hair follicles via heat, weakening hair roots, and completely removing them. It is effective and painless and can solve problems of ingrown hair, rough armpit, body odor, leading to bright, smooth skin.

Facial Mask

Effectively treat and restore skin

The use of facial mask is a method that deeply treats skins. The facial skin becomes relaxed and moisturized.

Miracle Mask

Miracle mask is rich in minerals and nutrients capable of reducing inflammation, restoring and moisturizing skin

Gold Mask

Gold mask contains many special gold formulation and skin nutrients that can deeply enrich and whiten skins

Aloe Vera Mask

Aloe Vera Mask contains Aloe Vera extracts that can reduce skin irritation and inflammation, store nourishing water, and make skin look moisturized and healthy

Skin Treatments

Facial Skin Treatment

Skin treatment focuses on skin repair and restoration from damaged skin to healthy skin.


This treatment utilizes sound wave to drive vitamins and medicines to facial skins, which will become bright and moisturized. During treatment, it will make you feel warm and relaxed and is suitable for any skins conditions.

Ultimate Light (LED)

Ultimate Light is the high-intensity light wave with specific colors for facial skin treatment. The irradiation can reduce skin redness and inflammation, kill Propionibacterium acnes, and reduce irritation.

Collagen Induce

Collagen Induce is a new technology utilizing collagen to restore and treat facial skin, reduce melisma and black scar. The BAAC technique can perform deep skin cleaning.

Chroma Therapy

Chroma Therapy is the skin restoration treatment, utilizing light wave that can remove darken, rough skin, acne problems, and scar.

Meso No Needle

Meso no Needle is a treatment directly supplying nutrients to skin cells. It can drive medicines and vitamins down much more deeply through electroporation. It can effectively solve the darken scars.

Athron Lift

Athron Lift stimulates collagen continuously, suitable for patients with wrinkles and aging skins. It can restore and strengthen skins.

Cryo / Cold Fresh

Cryo/Cold Fresh is a treatment by chilling. It can reduce inflammation of skin cells, stimulate blood vessel contraction, and tighten hair pores. During treatment, you will feel comfortably chilled.

Oxygen Plus / Jet Peel

Oxygen Plus/Jet Peel stimulates the alternation of skin cells by supplying oxygen and cooled mineral water containing special vitamin formulations through high-pressure water.


RF is the radio frequency technology that creates heat wave to stimulate and arrange collagen and remove fat under the skin. It is the effective skin lifting

Ultra Lipo

Ultra Lipo is a technology for reducing cellulite by using special sound wave that can remove fats under the skin. It can be applied to any areas.