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COVID-19 and Our Children

By Dr. Erik Fleischman –

Most of the focus so far about COVID-19 infections has been on our older population (of which I am officially one by age!). But, let’s talk about the other precious beings in our homes: the kids.

Anyone who is helping with homeschooling now has gotten to know their children far better than they did two to three weeks ago. We live for them, we focus on them, we would take a bullet for them. But, what can we do to keep them safe and sane?

Here are some facts about COVID-19 and children:
  • A study done in Wuhan of 171 infected children show that 35% of them had laboratory confirmation, while 64% were diagnosed only by suspicion and their symptoms. 25% of these children had no symptoms.
  • Older children seemed to recover faster and have less severe infections than younger children. Why is this? It is not yet fully known but, likely due to a different immune process or the fact that older children can produce antibodies more quickly and in more volume. Remember, it’s these antibodies that not only protect you from getting the disease again but, also make the disease go away more quickly.
  • Children, while still getting the classic symptoms of fever, cough and shortness of breath, also seem to have more upper respiratory symptoms such as sinusitis and runny noses. This can possibly increase their ability to spread the virus as there will be more droplets in secretions.
  • As with adults, the secret to preventing infection or getting the mildest infection possible is a strong immune system. For children to have this, they need to be eating a balanced diet with lots of protein. Limit the sugar. Viruses, bacteria and fungus all grow on sugar. If they don’t have sugar they will not flourish. Give your children Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Minerals. Make sure they are getting some safe sunshine and exercise to keep their circulation good and their brains clear.

We are all in new territory with this virus. Our children may not grasp the severity of this epidemic and that is probably okay for now. In the next post, let’s talk about how to explain this epidemic to children and how to help them cope.

Stay safe. Stay at home.

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How They Beat COVID-19 in Warmer Countries

By Dr. Erik Fleischman –
We know by now that the spread and severity and death from COVID-19 is far less in countries that are warm and closer to the equator. But I think perhaps this has a number of factors that contribute to the difference.

🔥Heat Shock Proteins🔥

I’ve posted before about Heat Shock Proteins and their place in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. They stimulate faster cell repair, lower blood pressure, lower stress hormones and help us lose weight and probably help to find and kill Cancer cells more quickly.

Here is what Heat Shock Proteins can do for you:

  • Protection from heart disease
  • Rebuild muscle faster
  • Potential protection against Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Improve cell regeneration

They also have a profound function with our immune systems which are especially important in the control of Viral Infections.

Viruses enter our bodies all the time.

If you think about it long enough it can make you crazy! Each and every day, even if you just stay home, you are being exposed to hundreds of viruses that your immune system is finding and neutralizing before it can enter your organ cells and create havoc and inflammation.

It is your internal immune system ANTIBODY RESPONSE that seeks and destroys these foreign invaders, both before they can replicate and grow in your body and then after they have already caused an infection.

This sophisticated system of recognition involves the discovery of foreign invaders by their ANTIGEN response. These are the individual proteins on a bacteria or virus or other pathogen that get recognized by your circulating immune cells.

Those immune cells then immediately send out antibodies and other cells to kill the offending foreigner. Simple, elegant, ingenious and the reason most of us live entirely healthy lives even in areas of tremendous amounts of viruses, bacteria and parasites.

To simplify the process, the body teaches itself very quickly to recognize an invasion and stop it before it ever breaches the wall (the cells in your organs- such as the lungs in COVID-19 infection).

Heat Shock Proteins can activate your lymph nodes to produce a faster, more effective immune response.

Here’s where Heat Shock Proteins may play a key role. These tiny particles, that are created during exposure to extreme temperature, actually increase the ability of faster and more efficient recognition of the foreign invader.

You could theorize that those living in hotter countries have a more efficient immune system recognition system against viruses like COVID-19. This would mean that we have less total infections, less symptomatic infections, potentially more recoverable infections and, ultimately, less deaths from COVID-19.

When I add up all the other factors that we know (and remember this science is less than a year old) we see the same factors of age, pre-existing disease and obesity from country to country. It seems to me that heat is playing an important factor and I recommend that my patients exploit this advantage to stay healthy and prevent getting infected by COVID-19.

So the big question is what can people do to produce these protective proteins without boiling themselves!?

Here is what I do personally and recommend for my patients and family:

  1. Intense exercise builds Heat Shock Proteins. Leave the air conditioning off! Heat the body.
  2. Fasting creates Heat Shock Proteins. Intermittent Fasting (eating only 8 hours out of the day – refrain from eating after dinner until 16 hours later for your first meal) has tremendous health benefits besides this.
  3. Use a Steam Room or Sauna if you have one available. Even 10-15 minutes a day creates Heat Shock Proteins, lowers cardiac risk, lowers blood pressure and lowers stress proteins.
  4. Warm steam to your airways is a good way to cleanse them and perhaps creates a local effect of Heat Shock Proteins. I do deep breathing in the Sauna to help sterilize my airways of the sinuses and lungs.

So stay warm, stay hungry, stay healthy, stay away from sugar, stay asleep and hopefully this will help you stay away from a COVID-19 infection.

Next time I will discuss Cold Shock Proteins and more advanced ways to increase your cell rejuvenation.💪💪
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