BAAC Health Check-Up

BAAC Doctor Consultation

Doctor Consultation

Doctor Consultation is a session where our specialists will evaluate your symptoms and signs for the health analysis and best treatment options with confidentiality.

BAAC Live Blood Analysis​

Live Blood Analysis

Blood analysis

The Live Blood Analysis is performed on fresh blood by finger tipping. The characteristics and completeness of red blood cell are then examined through the dark-field microscope as well as contaminants in the blood, such as heavy metals, mercury will be evaluated. This examination allows us to detect the abnormality beforehand.

BAAC Health Check Up Bio Body Scan​

Bio Body Scan

Body scan by electro interstitial scan

The Bio Body Scan is non-invasive bio impedance interpreter that can estimates overall body composition. The scan allows us to predict the tendency of sickness in the future.

Bio Body Scan can also perform a basic evaluation on 8 systems :

– Respiratory system
– Autonomic nervous system – Brain system
– Hormone system
– Digestion system
– Urinary and reproductive systems
– Cardiovascular system
– Metabolic system

BAAC Health check up Hormone Evaluation​

Hormone Evaluation

Executive Hormone Evaluation

Patient’s will undergo a full and extensive review and exam that focuses on their Hormone Health by one of Asia’s top American Anti-aging Specialists with over 20 years of experience with hormone management in Men and Women

BAAC health Check up Bone Density​

Bone Density

Bone density analysis

The bone density analysis is performed to examine the level of bone density and determine the risks of osteopenia and osteoporosis

BAAC Health Check-Up Genetic Screening Packages ​

Genetic Screening Packages

Genetic disease examination Proactive care for healthy livings (DNA Test)

Our body consists of millions of millions cells with different functions. Inside the cells, a nucleus consists of chromosomes comprising DNA. DNA forms helical structures storing genetic information called gene. Each gene consists of DNA sequence that can be decoded specifically and differently for controlling cell functions and proliferation

This is a gene examination program involving 32 types of cancers. This examination is performed to find the risky DNA whether or not the patients or their family members have cancer history. Early detection helps effective treatment because early cancer stage is responsive to treatment and can be cured better than the latter stages.

This program performs genetic examination on 67 genes in DNA that are related to cardiovascular disease (CVD) and abnormal metabolism, such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes

This program performs genetic examination on 139 genes in DNA that are related to healthy livings and body strength, such as response to nutrients and supplements, metabolism rates, toxin excretory in cells, free radical removal, and response to exercise. This will allow us to understand the genetic characteristics and help plan personal health treatment.

Some medicines are not universal or suitable to everyone. The genetic examination for medicine response and unwanted side effects from medicine can help physicians select proper medicine and amounts that ‘one medicine is not ideal for all people when it comes to drugs. You may not be able to use a medication which works well for others. More significantly, even common prescription pharmaceuticals can cause harmful and adverse drug effects,known as Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR). By taking BAAC PGx test, you can easily screen your DNA for genetic markers associated with – Drug response
– ADR risks.’ 

BAAC Health Check Up Special Lab Test​

Special Lab Test

Special blood test